Chinese imperial cuisine is a great unknown. To shape the essence of the Empire and serve what the Great Emperors ate more than 400 years ago, Tim Wang, one of the most prestigious professionals in China and chef of this new restaurant in Barcelona, has toured the Asian nation. In addition to its mixture of revolution and culinary tradition, another feature of this restaurant is the variety. The menu covers the flavors of Chinese imperial cuisine in its entirety. All the regions that once constituted the Empire are reflected in the letter of the new Casa Calvet restaurant. “It is a cuisine that breaks with Asian cuisine to which we are accustomed,” says one of China Crown’s cooks.

Whatare we looking for

That imperial cuisine, historically only enjoyed by a few, is available to everyone and adapts to the present. To achieve this, Wang and the rest of the team have innovated and applied revolutionary techniques in their kitchen and have invested in the best raw materials.